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Brahim Iddouch
mardi 24 avril 2012 Posted by Unknown

Brahim Iddouch, an international Moroccan Champion not known in Morocco is a Moroccan athlete added to the list of Moroccan champions who sparkle internationally, but their achievements are ignored nationally. Brahim Iddouch practices Body boarding sport since 2002. In addition to the achievements he realizes in Morocco, he brilliantly starred in Europe and United States, and succeeds to exceed international champions in this sport.Nationally, Brahim blazes in many occasions and for instance he comes first in the competition of “Imouran Festival” in 2008, and first in Morocco Championship in 2008, and comes second in the same competition in 2009. The achievements of Brahim Internationally are noticeably glorious like his participation in “French Body Board Pro” 2009, in which he succeeded to arrive to the semi finals with 15.5 pts beating in the 1/4  finals the international champion Guillermo Cobo who got then 11.5 pts. He has also honorably participated in many other competitions such as “IBA Word Tour Sopélana” in Spain in 2009 and in United States in 2011, as well as the International Championship of the sport who was organized in Portugal in 2009. He also took the first position in the “International team Sopélana pro 2009” and the second in “European Tour Bodyboard portugal sagres”.

 The brilliant realizations of this big Moroccan Champion continued, either in 2010 or 2011, and at the present time he is participating in the international Championship “IBA pipe challenge” which is organized this February between 15 and 25th in Hawai in United States, in which he is competing big names from the caliber of “Mike Stewart”, “Diego Cabrera”, “Charlie Chaplet” and others. And Brahim in this competition, like he does in others,  has strongly showed that he’s categorized among the International names in this sport.

It is to be noted that Brahim Iddouch participates under the name of Imouran Surf Association of Agadir, and he’s a member of Go Surf Moroccco, which is a touristic resort in Agadir that hosts enthusiasts and professionals of Surf and Body Boarding who are attracted by the Moroccan beaches to practice their favorite sport, as well as amateurs and lovers of this sport.

Such champions, regardless of what obstacles and difficulties they face, especially in obtaining visas to move freely outside the country to practice their sport, they succeed to realize big achievements with their self abilities and limited help of some people who sympathize with them or from the lovers of the sport. And the champions from the sort of Brahim Iddouch, who honorably represent Morocco in the international meetings, are to be crowned and need all kind of help and encouragement.

Brahim Iddouch :


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