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Flooding at The Village of Taghazout
samedi 18 janvier 2014 Posted by Unknown

Just Half an hour of Rain at Taghazout Village The Flooding Everywhere , No one expected it ,  Floods hurt to stop traffic at Entrance to the village , The Cars Stop for more than two kilometers , nearly 30 houses suffered damage from the flooding , Water flows toward homes , a Lot of People Screaming about What They Happen To Them !!
Who Is The Responsible about that ? Alleys filled with water, which is being towards the sea , scene of strange and wondrous for the first time , According to Taghazout 24 newspaper They Said : '' That The Responsible of all What Happen is The Municipal of Taghazout , Whene They Didn't Fixe the Watercourses of Taghazout ... '' 
Watch This Footage : 


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