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Foggy Weather Over The Week in Taghazout
samedi 12 avril 2014 Posted by Unknown

The weather has become especially hot, cold , Foggy , Sunny at Taghazout Village , the weather was change fast in a day last week , If you've visited this Little Town or as you are living here , you will may be well acquainted with the fog , Which covers all the village Everywhere , anywhere , EveryDay
The village climate is quite temperate , wherever temperature change in Taghazout is not significant, bordering on the cool and crisp for most days , 
Because on every whether there is many thing to do , so if it's hot and sunny for example , the best thing to do is going for swimming and have a great day on the beach do some activities with friend like play soccer .
But the Foggy is more different , Foggy morning, cloudy weather all the Time , That is more different After a spate of bright and sunny days, the weather has taken a turn over the weekend , We could see fog in the morning and evening though the sky could clear out during the day ...

we all know that the Weather is dependent on many variables , any of which can cause changes. It is effected by seasons , but we hope the weather change on the beginning of the week ...

Yassine Ishak ( TaghazoutVillage.Com )

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