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Taghazout Become a Nusty Place in Summer
mercredi 30 juillet 2014 Posted by Unknown

Our naturally beautiful Taghazout is becoming ugly by environmental pollution During the Last 10 years , Pollution has become the Biggest Probleme at Taghazout Village , Thousands of episodes of Farce , pollution is a growing concern due to massive amounts of both regular and specialized garbage , environmental damage Evrewhere , especially when the nusty water go directly to the beach and will affect the environment for year to come and no one care ! and that lead to potential risk to human health who swim and who surf on this ocean , Environmental degradation is now so severe , if No one want To Stop all This !! Pollution prevention, protecting and restoring habitat, protecting biodiversity, understanding the ecosystem and cleaning up The beach are all a part of sustainable development of humane . It is a very awkward situation for the village because our greatest achievement is also our biggest burden , There is pressure for change from some Local Boys , but many people refuse to accept that we need a new approach so soon . Near Hash Point Spot Taghazout , nusty water spill directly to the beach , day and night 24 / 24 during the last month , Without the intervention of someone , But after a Month The Problem was Resolved By Initiative For Cleaning Thé Beach From Taghazout Boys You can Read about That Here in This Article Here , But Even of all That Taghazout Will Be Full With Rubbish This Summer ...

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